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Testimonials Fusion Healing connects to the client’s experience, helping to bring a conscious awareness of their physical and/or emotional issues. If the client desires, they can explore the meaning, purpose or existence of their issues more closely as it relates to the body and their overall healing.

The following are some success stories that Fusion Healing has experienced:
  • Female, age 56: One particular client had for years experienced chronic neck pain and a constant tightness in the throat. The client had concluded that the pain and discomfort was incurable. During a session with this client, Fusion Healing’s expert sensed a dark disk while the client described a series of three automobile accidents that had occurred over a 15-year period. The client relived the feeling of helplessness, recalling the oncoming vehicles coming and unable to do anything about the impending crash.

    Fusion Healing identified a connection that the client had overlooked. Recollecting her childhood, her parents often discounted her pain, and during hospital visits doctors frequently told her that nothing was wrong. The client remembered a perpetual feeling of helplessness and accepting the message of ‘be quiet and just live with it.’ Consequently, the client inadvertently resorted to locking up her pains. As the client relived these memories, she experienced a positive release of her long suppressed feelings of helplessness.
  • Male, age 44: Came in for CST treatment for a shoulder injury caused by an old skiing accident, which had limited his range of motion. After just one session, the client was able to move his shoulder with 50% greater range of motion and was able to return to his favorite sport activities.
  • Female, age 19-months: This twin child was experiencing a great deal of sensory issues, she was not speaking and she was not walking. Fusion Healing was informed that she was currently under the care of various therapists, including a Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. Fusion Healing was also informed that the child did not like to be touched and that there was little eye contact with anyone. For the first minute or two, the child would push the hands away but quickly settled into the healing session. Within her 40-minute session the little girl had direct eye contact and she allowed touch. At the completion of her session, with a gentle finger under each armpit, the child was walking but her legs were wobbly and her balance was not complete. Her mother was emotional and tearful throughout the session as she was witnessing her child slowly transition. At the end, the child was allowing touch and smiling!
  • Female, age 50: Was referred to Fusion Healing for a session. Her primary complaint was that she had no energy. She would take all afternoon to get out of bed and get herself ready to just go buy some groceries. She had been involved in a car collision and was also suffering migraine headaches. After 3-sessions, she has returned to exercising at her gym, has a significant increase in energy and her headaches have subsided.
  • Female, age 57: Suffered from chronic fatigue and could barely walk the length of 3-houses and would have to sit on the sidewalk and rest; this would be the extent of her exercise and she would sit exhausted. She was also about to have her gallbladder removed. After several sessions, she cancelled her surgery, has her bladder and is able to walk for over an hour with her husband.
  • Female, age 46: Has had two neck fusions, and was experiencing continuous pain with no relief except when ingesting morphine. Doctors stated that ‘there was nothing else they could do for her’. She states that “in one session, you have done so much for me”, “you were able to find the areas in my body that needed help, how could you do that”? “You are such a blessing, I feel that I have a chance of living a better life”.
  • Female, age 46: She experienced a stroke 2-months prior to her first visit and has difficulty talking. She states that after one visit, her left leg feels stronger and that she felt her speech improved.
  • Male, age 42: Experienced low energy, back pain and headaches with trouble concentrating. With one visit, he felt ‘the pressure in his head’ leave and feel ‘remarkably better’.

    There are countless stories of clients coming in due to trauma (birth trauma, surgery, accidents from falls, automobiles or childhood experiences) and of their subsequent healing. We listen to the body and ask how we can be of service. We listen not only with our ears but also with our heart and hands. We welcome you and look forward to helping the wisdom of your body to heal.

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