Go with the Flow: The Power of Lymph Drainage Therapy

Today I’d like to share an exciting new therapy treatment that Fusion Healing is now offering. Lymph Drainage Therapy is an emerging therapy within the United States, already highly regarded in Europe, which treats the disorders of the lymphatic system. 

As a professional working daily with clients on their journey to holistic healing, I'm always researching new ways to hone my skills and improve the well being of my clients. Currently, I’ve immersed myself in the therapeutic work of Lymph Drainage, which is taught by world-renowned Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O., (France). Blending this new therapy with my other body listening skills, precision hands-on therapy, and deep anatomical knowledge, I can apply it to deliver an even greater level of comprehensive treatment and improvement in my clients' health, mind and body. 

What exactly is the lymph system? Interestingly, the lymph system itself is not new. The discovery of the ‘lymph’ dates back to the 1600’s, but it wasn't until the 1800’s that non-specific manual techniques for lymph were introduced for skin care, hygiene and bandaging.

The Lymph is superficially located just beneath the skin, deep to each organ, within the bones, muscles and chambers of the eyes, and also around the blood vessels and many other places within the body. 

One way to picture the lymph systems is to imagine a creek that traverses through the land, blending with a river; the water trickles everywhere in and around each rock, meandering with the river’s tributaries until reaching the ocean. Similarly, the lymph in our bodies will split and divide until it reaches the heart, and then it repeats its course.

There are 400-700 lymph nodes in the body, with around 50% of these located in the abdomen. The lymphatic system transports proteins, foreign bodies, germs, and toxins. These nodes capture and destroy bacteria, toxins and particles, enabling the body to flush them out naturally through the elimination process. The nodes themselves act as a filtration and purification for the circulation of the lymph. Most importantly, nodes produce lymphocytes, which are a white blood cell and part of our immune system. Lymphocytes include NK-Cells (natural killer cells), T-Cells and B-Cells that aid in immune and antibody defense.

How can Lymph Drainage Therapy help?
This therapy aims to identify where fluid retention is starting to accumulate before it eventually causes fibrosis or negatively affects one's mobility or health. Lymph Drainage Therapy helps the immune system by stimulating the small lymphangions (tiny hearts of the lymph system), the lymph nodes and lymph ducts. This therapy also calms the nervous system, helping to relax the body and producing a pain inhibitory effect. Following the lymph system’s precise pathways, a trained practitioner can track the lymph’s transport canals, and through careful manipulation, can re-establish the lymph’s pathways, redirecting it back to homeostasis (balance). Picture a garden hose where water flows freely. Yet when the hose gets kinked, it becomes blocked and is unable to flow freely or not at all. By working with the lymph system, we're able to unblock those kinks.

At Fusion Healing, we apply Lymph Drainage Therapy to work with the body in a very specific and direct way. We begin by working just below the skin surface, targeting specific pathways to open and improve the lymphatic flow. The application is gentle and works with the intelligence of the tissues. Fusion Healing applies the same techniques to identify the ‘main problem area,’ and then we incorporate Lymphatic Drainage to assist this vital, powerful system into your body’s healing experience.

Here are some ways Lymph Drainage Therapy can help:

●     Diminish or eliminate swelling (anywhere in the body)

●     Lessen inflammation

●     Enhance the immune system

●     Initiate detoxification within the body

●     Reduce chronic pain

●     Augment relaxation, which helps the body heal from depression, stress and loss of vigor

●     Boost mobility when swelling affects the feet, legs, hips or back

●     Improve any resistant or chronic joint problem in the body, including shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles

●     Alleviate chronic deep aches in any muscle in the body

●     Decrease inflammation within the gut from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or Crohn’s disease

Lymph Drainage Therapy works in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques that Fusion Healing incorporates. We’re really excited about the rapid, highly effective treatments this therapy can have with our clients. Many of our patients are able to achieve up to an 80% increase in a range of motion improvement in one, single treatment from Fusion Healing!

Give us a call to find out if Lymph Drainage Therapy might be right for you. We look forward to helping you improve your well being.

Carmen Hughes