You’ve Got Some Nerve

Have you ever had an ongoing health problem with say a pinched nerve in your neck or back? Anyone who has experienced this isn’t like to forget the pain anytime soon. What causes this?

This new post expands the health and wellness topics we’ve examined previously and shines a light on the body’s nervous system and how it functions. We’re also going to gain more insight into a highly effective, holistic therapy treatment called Neural Manipulation.

Let’s start off with the basics about nerves. There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves (nerves in the head), 31 pairs of spinal nerves (nerves going from the neck, upper back, lower back and sacrum), and we have autonomic nerves that go throughout the body.  The nerves’ roots extend into sensory and motor innervation, spreading to the organs, muscles, ligaments, spine, joints and skin.  Anywhere along this route, nerves can become injured and create a range of problems and symptoms. 

The anatomy of nerves is exceedingly complex. Nerves run up and down the body, branching off and going one direction, only to reconnect to one another. They also merge into bundles called ‘plexus’.  These plexus serve to take some of the tension and pressure off the individual nerves; thus we have the brachial plexus (nerves going from the neck to the arms), cervical plexus, lumbar plexus and sacral plexus.  Did you know that nerves contain small arteries within their structures? There are also nerves within nerves that help hone the level of their own sensitivity.  Connective tissue is present and serves to surround the nerves, forming 50-90% of the nerve. 

Connective tissue is very susceptible to trauma as well as the overall function of the nerves.  Anytime someone experiences trauma, it creates a chain reaction to the connective tissue, the nerves and the arteries within the nerves.  This trauma changes the internal pressure of the nerves, which will eventually create dysfunction and thus ‘nerve’ symptoms surface to let us know that ‘something is wrong.’ 

One more important note to keep in mind is that nerves hate compression.  Anyone who has accidentally pinched, crushed or put prolonged pressure on a nerve knows how painful and debilitating the reaction can be.  Part of the nerve can balloon causing edema (this affects the lymph, blood pressure and venous return), and the end part can narrow, causing a state of disequilibrium.  In other words, this part of the nerve loses shape and will not work as it should.  If the compression of the nerve continues for an extended period of time, the nerve will be unable to recover.  If the ‘compression’ is alleviated in a reasonable time frame, then the nerve has the opportunity to heal.

This is where Fusion Healing can help you. We specialize in helping restore the mobility and function of the nerves, whether it is one nerve that is bothering you or a bunch of nerves that shoot off signals of pain or discomfort.  Nerves heal through proper stretching, which help restore the pressure and proprioceptive information within the nerves.  This stretching is not treated like an ‘exercise’ but rather is performed with precise, delicate and deliberate ‘neural manipulation’.

If you suffer from any of the following systems, you may want to consider Neural Manipulation therapy:

      Severe pain and when touched the pain radiates

      Neuralgia (pain in nerve)

o      Sharp pain

o      Dull pain

o      Stinging pain

      Post zoster pain (shingles)


      Headaches or migraines caused by nerve pain

      Numbness in hands, fingers or feet

      Vasomotor disorders (arms falling asleep)

     Post surgical scarring and nerve pain or tension associated with the surgery

     Radiation therapy

     Chrohn’s disease

Prior to having a treatment with Fusion Healing, many of my clients have already sought out and tried a Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, medication and traditional western doctor care.  Medication only masks the symptoms and attempts to chemically do what the body should naturally do…and that is to create homeostasis.  Other therapies treat the ‘symptom’ and only focus on part of the body that displays the symptom.  For instance, if you visit a therapist for hand pain, they will stay focused strictly on the hand. 

You might not have heard of the phenomenal healing that Neural Manipulation can do. It’s possible you may have already concluded that you’ve tried everything to deal with your pain. Maybe you even ask, “What is different about this type of healing work?” 

Well…Neural Manipulation Therapy is working holistically with the body and the nerves in a very specific and direct way.  It is gentle and works with in harmony with the intelligence of the tissues. 

Going back to the ‘hand injury’ example, the problem with the hand may actually be the result of a fixation in the neck pinching off the nerve and blood supply to the hands.  Once this is corrected by way of neural manipulation, the client will experience significant pain relief and improvement in the function and overall range of motion.  When we correct the nerve, the treatment will also have a positive effect of releasing any affected joint(s).  The Neural Manipulation work does not take long to find the problem area. Treatment will be applied in a gentle, effective way that elongates and restores the proprioception within the nerve to help it heal.  

At Fusion Healing, we speak the language of the body and the body shows us where the specific problem is located.  We have developed proprioceptive skills to effectively communicate with the body.  We do not randomly go to areas of the body. Every body is different and every symptom must be tailored to meet the needs of each and every person.  You want results and we produce them! 

Feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online.  We look forward to helping you find relief and redirecting you on course toward a healthy well-being.