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Somato Emotional Release Therapy

The body has a story to tell; and when you listen to it, you can find your path to wellness. Pain is the body’s way of communicating that something is out of balance, or wrong.  

Somato Emotional Release Therapy (SER) is a hands-on therapy that helps your body release any cellular memories that are impeding your life force. When the body experiences trauma, pain, or injury, emotions and sensations get locked into the body, where they can remain dormant for decades. As you venture into your healing journey, these emotions can surface unexpectedly, making it imperative to find a practitioner who can facilitate your releases.  

Fusion Healing creates a meaningful connection with your experience to bring conscious awareness to your issue(s). If this is a modality that you would like to incorporate into your session, we can explore any ongoing conflict and connect it to your body, mind, and emotions to help discharge its hold on your life. The goal of SER is to help you change holding patterns in your behavior, emotions, or physical body to improve your quality of life and peace of mind.